ENCLONY provides specialized engineering services to support our customers.
An engineering team with expert knowledge of equipment supports installation and training, responds to trouble,
supports equipment settings, and responds quickly and accurately to various other requests.

  • Calibration

    ENCLONY provides a complete re-adjustment and re-calibration services for the visual inspection system

  • Recipe Setting
    • Recipe(remote) support for new product :Inspection setting and dedicated inspection algorithm support
    • Machine rental for trials of batch recovery with or without service
  • Training
    • Training for operators, supervisors, maintenance
      • Machine overview, cautions, maintenance, disassembly and assembly of format parts and cleaning
      • Recipe setting, defect grade setting and product inspection
    • Re-training program
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance inspection includes inspection test and re-adjustment according to the re-adjustment report
    • Annual maintenance
    • Provides wear parts and spare parts
    • Machine upgrade